Lucerne Fund Gains 42% With Focus on European Growth Companies

One of the best-performing hedge funds investing in Europe isn’t headquartered on the Continent, or even in the U.K. Instead, it’s making winning calls more than 3,000 miles away in Greenwich, Connecticut. Lucerne Capital Management surged about 42% this year through November, according to an investor document seen by Bloomberg. From its offices in the U.S., it has managed to best its peers during a year when Europe’s stock benchmark has gained 25%...

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73 Arch Street Greenwich 

Connecticut 06830

+1 203-983-4490

Marketing Director

Claudia Taselaar

+1 203-983-4490

Research Office

Prins Hendriklaan 28

1075 BD Amsterdam

The Netherlands

+31 20-891-23-94


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