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The Lucerne Capital edge resides in the Portfolio Managers’ four decades of experience in the European markets, combining their local knowledge and deep experience in differentiating technical trading opportunities alongside long-term industry competitive dynamics.

Western Europe (highest weightings: Benelux, Germany, France, Switzerland, Northern Italy, Scandinavia)


Invest in Sectors we implicitly understand: Industrials, Consumer, Energy, Business Services, Telecoms, Technology, Financials

Opportunity set exists due to:
  • Inefficiencies that result from reporting lags

  • Inadequate analyst coverage

  • Misunderstood trade and fiscal policies

  • Hanging industry dynamics and changes to the competitive landscape

Products that meet the needs of each investor's portfolio:
  • Long / Short

  • Long-Only

  • SMA / Customized

For investors seeking:
  • Diversification

  • Alpha

  • Geographic exposure

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