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Lucerne Capital Management

An investment firm specializing in bottom-up stock selection with a focus on European Equities.

Firm Overview

Leveraging fundamental, deep research capacity and uncovering value dislocations in primarily European mid-cap companies.
Founded in 2000

Lucerne has assembled an experienced team investment & operations professionals.


European Equities investment Adviser, headquartered in Greenwich, CT.

Portfolio Managers

Have over four decades of combined experience analyzing European equities.

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Our Mission

“We scour the European universe in search of the highest quality, sustainable companies to invest in.”
The Portfolio Managers, Pieter Taselaar (left) and Thijs Hovers (right), are Dutch nationals and speak a combined 4 languages. Due to their education and professional work experiences in Europe, they understand the various cultural nuances within Europe.

Our Vision

Both our investment philosophy and business principles are based on the commitment we have made to our investors, whose interests always come first. Our Core Values in Detail - 
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